Introducing Onavo Count 2.0 for Android

In August of 2011, we first launched Onavo Count. In the two years that have passed, millions of Android users have used Onavo Count to take control of their mobile data. Onavo Count has been called “the best data usage tracker for Android” by Lifehacker, and AndroidPit called it “the best damn data monitoring app for Android, period.”

Now, we are introducing a redesigned Onavo Count to equip you for the challenge of budgeting your mobile data usage. With sleek and simple reports, you will see where you stand in your data usage and how your usage compares to everyone else’s.

Your data life

Onavo Count’s overview screen shows you where your data usage habits lie in real-life terms by translating your app usage into easily understandable categories, such as music, maps and video. Changing visuals will alert you as your approach your data cap and give you an indication of where you stand in your current data cycle.

See how much data your apps are using

With customizable charts, view your historical data usage per day, week, or month. Understand usage even further with the app list displaying data usage per-app. Onavo’s crack team of engineers worked hard to deliver the most accurate information possible – even showing you how much data was used by apps in the foreground and how much in the background without the apps even being open. For users of Onavo Extend, seamless integration shows you how much data you are saving.


How you measure up

Beyond your personal data usage, you can now see your ranking, how your usage compares with others. Onavo Count 2.0 will show you what usage percentile you fall into for all of your apps.

Introducing App Guide

With App Guide you can see the top and trending apps based on usage. See which apps are being used the most and how much data they typically use. Onavo Count will also predict if you can fit them into your monthly data budget based on projected usage. Now you can find apps that people are actually using to make a better-informed decision before your next download.


With Onavo Count 2.0, you will see your mobile data like you’ve never seen it before. You will be able to understand your data usage in a way that is most relevant to your mobile life. The combination of reporting and advice features go beyond simply tracking your data usage.

Your life is going mobile, so keep Count.

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