Introducing Onavo Count for iPhone!


We’re helping you solve the mystery of how much data is being consumed by your apps and mobile activities in a colorful, easy-to-use app.

Onavo Count, our brand new app for iOS, gives you a 30 day overview of your apps’ data usage. Onavo Count also provides weekly data usage charts to help you tracking each app’s data usage and gauges that measure each app’s overall mobile data usage. Each one of these helpful features is displayed in Count’s colorful and handsome interface which makes your Count experience even better.

Not only are Onavo Count’s insight unique, but it is the only app data usage monitor that prevents battery drainage by using cloud-based technologies!

And if that wasn’t enough, Onavo Count also seamlessly integrates with Onavo Extend so that you can see how much data is being consumed by each app along with the amount of data saved by Onavo Extend in one beautiful and easy to understand screen.

You see, at Onavo, we get it. Your life is going mobile. So keep Count!

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Learn more about Onavo Count with this fun video.

Use Onavo Count's helpful charts to see how much data is consumed by your mobile apps and activities