Weekly News Roundup, September 24

Gotta say the week started a bit slow, until Engadget broke the news, suggesting the iPhone 5 launch event will be held October 4th, then Facebook F8 which unveiled a new timeline but for some reason neglected their mobile users and ended with HP bringing eBay’s Meg Whitman as CEO.

Google Search Share vs Google Smartphones Share

Here are the news that made the past week:

  • Sprint is expected to offer new unlimited data plans with iPhone 5, making it the only iPhone carrier in the US to do so, after both AT&T and Verizon have eliminated theirs. Tethering plans however will most likely be capped to 5GB a month. Interesting to watch whether AT&T/Verizon users will jump ship to Sprint just because it has an unlimited data plan.
  • HP is shaking things up (again) – appoints former eBay President Meg Whitman as the new CEO. Current CEO, Leo Apotheker, held the position for only 11 months, during which he slashed sales forecasts three times, killed webOS (which may survive after all?) and put HP’s PC business for sale – strategic moves that resulted in a 50% ‘free fall’ of the share price. Can Whitman revive the giant with clear strategy and vision? Will Meg undo Leo’s decision and keep webOS part of HP’s DNA?
  • Facebook for iPad - not yetFacebook F8 event last Thursday was a celebration of the social networking service, now at 800 million friends – the 3rd largest ‘country’ in the world. Zuckerberg unveiled couple of major changes and partnerships to the web version of Facebook, but the company’s mobile strategy was no where to be found on F8. Some 350 million people use Facebook through mobile apps, and Snaptu’s acquisition back in March strengthened Facebook’s position in mobile – yet we expected more news and announcements during F8. Not to mention the anticipated iPad app, which again, was missing from the conference.
  • Strategy read of the week: Sean Parker, Agent of Disruption [Forbes]
  • Sean Parker - Agent of DisruptionGoogle Wallet launched on Sprint: The mobile payment solution from the search giant was launched last week with Citibank and Mastercard, for Nexus S 4G devices under Sprint (service will expand soon). Much like PayPal, Square, others, Google Wallet will allow users to ‘swipe’ their phone to pay for things, such as a taxi in NYC or any other of the 144,000 merchants in the US.
  • Chart of the week (top): Android continues to grow in the US, surpassing 40% market share in July, and by keeping its current growth rate – should reach 65% in a year. Google Search market share in the US is also at 65% (surprising, thought it would be higher), which means Google’s Mobile share can beat Google’s Search share by July 2012. Wow!
  • From our blog: Our Android app received a major update, now V1.1.1, which solved couple of bugs and introduced a new notification icon, along with other features. In preparation for the iPhone 5 event, we wrote down five questions we expect to be answered come Oct. 4th. What’s yours?

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