TC Disrupt Day 1 – Our Top 3 Favs

Mike Arrington and Douglas LeoneDay 1 of TechCrunch Disrupt SF2011 is officially over, and it can be a grueling task trying to follow all the news this mega conference is producing. The editorial team of Disrupt is doing a nice job making sense of it all, under the easy to remember URL, featuring a Flipboard-style paging system to keep track of things. Putting the Startup Battlefield aside, here are our top 3 favorites of Day 1:

Mike Arrington and Sequoia’s Doug Leone [post, video]

Disrupt is all about new innovations and hungry entrepreneurs, which wouldn’t have come to life without the backing of an investment fund. Douglas Leone of Sequoia Capital has been in the VC business since 1988, and is also a guy who has been vital to Sequoia, returning something like $15 to $20 billion to investors during his 23 years tenure.

“Back then, the average entrepreneur was something like 45 years old. It was a different time — startups were focused on the infrastructure layer. Today, entrepreneurs are 22 or 23 or even younger, and they’re focused on the application layer.” – Doug Leone

Doug gave a closing tip to Mike, now an investor, saying stealth and speed are the biggest advantages a startup has, and so an entrepreneur should ‘avoid cocktail hour’ and stay away from the press.


Erick Schonfeld and Flipboard’s Mike McCue [post, video]

The iPad has transformed the way most of us consume content, and Flipboard, the revolutionary news app, is at the top of the list for services that created a truly remarkable browsing experience, Minority Report like. Erick Schonfeld, the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of TechCrunch, sat down with Mike McCue, Co-Founder & CEO of Flipboard (and 3rd time entrepreneur), to discuss the future of tablet publishing.

“The tablet is creating a totally new kind of consumption experience, the kind of experience people have dreamed about for years.” – Mike McCue

Mike also brought up the unique opportunities that have opened up to advertisers and publishers alike with the rise of tablets, showcasing the very first Flipboard ad Oprah Magazine did a while back.


MG with Rovio’s Andrew Stalbow and Pandora’s Tom Conrad [post, video]

MG with Rovio and Pandora executives - TC DisruptIn another stellar talk during day 1 of TechCrunch Disrupt, MG Siegler sat down for Founder Stories with Andrew Stalbow, Rovio North America GM and Tom Conrad, Pandora CTO and EVP of Product. Other than talking about the explosion of games on mobile, MG asked Andrew about the evolution process Rovio has made, from a virtual gaming platform to selling real world goods, such as plush toys and t-shirts.

By March 2011, Rovio has sold just over 2 million units of their plush toys. Today, on top of seeing a million pigs and birds downloads a month, they’re also selling a million Angry Birds t-shirts and plush toys, each and every month. An excellent example of how startups can evolve their intellectual property into a proper full-blown license.