Five Questions for the iPhone 5 event

Engadget reported that according to All Things D, Apple are planning a media event on October 4th, where CEO Tim Cook is expected to unveil the new iPhone 5. Obviously still no confirmation from Apple, but putting aside the excitement and the fact that this will be the first post-Jobs era Apple event, there are still a few open questions regarding Apple’s new shiny device.

iOS 5

  1. What will iOS 5 include?  Since announcing the new iOS in June, we’ve seen 7 sub-releases, each offering new and exciting features, such as Android-style notification window, swipe for action when screen is locked, volume key to snap a photo, WhatsApp-style messages app, and others. Will all these features find their way to the public release? Will Apple add anything new?
  2. Sync to the (i)Cloud – With iCloud, Apple took a chapter of Google’s vision, and are planning on offering OTA (Over The Air) syncing and integration with multiple devices, cable-free. Will iCloud allow 3G sync of some of the more ‘lighter’ content, such as Contacts and Calendars, leaving the data intensive Apps and Photos to WiFi? Will they limit the amount of MB you can sync over 3G to avoid ‘iCloud bill shock’?
  3. Sprint iPhone 5 memoAnd then there were three – who will be the 3rd carrier to join AT&T and Verizon in the US? We read T-Mobile are probably out of the race, whereas Sprint issued a company wide blackout on vacations for early October.
  4. Unlimited data plan making a comeback? Earlier this year we showed how AT&T users can save almost $1b annually by going down a tier with Onavo installed. Both AT&T and Verizon have ended their Unlimited plans, offering plans ranging from 200MB to 4GB. Sprint however, is reported to offer unlimited data plan with the iPhone 5, although it will cap mobile hotspot data to 5GB – making it the only US carrier with an unlimited plan. Will AT&T/Verizon users jump ship, to enjoy unlimited data?
  5. Will UDID be deprecated? According to the official iOS developer documentation, the uniqueIdentifier, an alphanumeric string unique to each device based on various hardware details will be deprecated in iOS 5.0. Instead, Apple recommends that ‘developers create a unique identifier specific to their app’. Deprecating UDID will give Apple’s iAd and Game Center networks an edge over 3rd party app developers, and also means developers can throw away their history data. ‘I guarantee Apple will not stop using UDID‘ predicts one mobile industry CEO – guess we’ll all know soon enough.

What are your open questions, as iPhone 5 launch date approaches? Have you waited with that device upgrade for the 5 to be announced? Opted for the Galaxy S II instead? Let us know in the comments below or @onavo on Twitter.