Spotify is Data-Aware – an Onavo Report

A month since launching its service in the US, Spotify is definitely making an impact on American iPhone users.

Spotify settings screenHere at Onavo, we’re always examining new apps’ data consumption, in order to help you get the most out of your data plan – and our process with Spotify was no different. We were glad to find that Spotify is very aware of its data usage – the app’s Settings page provides plenty of control over data usage, allowing you to:

  • Disable sync of playlists over 3G networks
  • Listen offline, which is ideal for roaming or locations with bad reception
  • Select Streaming quality, to conserve data usage
  • Select Sync level quality, to conserve data usage

Kudos Spotify!

Launched July 14 stateside, reports were of Spotify having 1.4 million Americans joining the free streaming music service on its first month. Founded 2008 in Sweden, Spotify is available in a handful of European countries, and since July in the US as well.


We wondered if Spotify also left an impression with our users in terms of data usage. The answer is a firm Yes. The penetration rate of Spotify’s iPhone app in the US has reached 4% within July  – surpassing France, The Netherlands and UK, veteran Spotify countries.

Sweden still leads the free music streaming service’s usage, as one in five iPhone users in Sweden is a Spotify listener, followed closely by Norway (16%) and Spain (6%). Americans are no strangers to cloud-based streaming music services, such as Rhapsody and Rdio, but by analyzing mobile data usage for July, it seems US music lovers definitely missed Spotify and were envious of their friends across the pond.