Which Twitter client is a data hog? [Infographic]

Since its inception five years ago, Twitter has truly transformed the face of modern communication. Today, with over 200 million users sending an estimated 190 million tweets a day, it’s easy to understand why Twitter is often referred to as ‘The SMS of the Internet’. There are a bunch of iPhone apps out there, such as TweetDeck (now a Twitter company), Echofon, HootSuite, Twitterrific, TweetBot, others – to help you tweet more easily.

TweetDeck logoAt Onavo we believe an app needs to be valued by more than a sleek UI or advanced features, but also by its data usage, that is how it consumes data. We ran a little test in our labs, comparing the four popular Twitter clients for iPhone: Twitter for iPhone, TweetDeck, TweetBot and Echofon, examining how each consumes data (by following a simple scenario) – so you will know which app is most data efficient.

The results were pretty amazing:

  • The most popular client is the official Twitter for iPhone, with a staggering 65% share, followed by TweetDeck and TweetBot (8% each) and Echofon (4%)
  • However, Twitter for iPhone is the worst when it comes to data usage, consuming more than double the data compared to the most efficient app – TweetDeck. So Twitter buying TweetDeck is definitely a good thing…
  • And the bonus – if you use Onavo, you can save an additional 65% on TweetDeck!

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