It’s official – Onavo in the App Store!

Download Onavo from the iPhone App StoreToday, on stage at TheNextWeb Conference, we officially launched Onavo on the iPhone App Store, available in all countries (for iOS 4.0 and above). Download Onavo now from the App Store to regain control of your phone’s data usage and save on data charges!

Introducing Onavo:

You can also download the tune of the video (the whistle) to your smartphone, in m4r or mp3 formats.

What is Onavo?

Onavo - Monthly usage breakdownOnavo empowers smartphone and tablet users to regain control of their mobile data usage, by providing a service that makes mobile data consumption efficient, transparent and manageable.

Our 1st app is an iPhone one that saves money by compressing the iPhone’s data usage. Once installed, users can go back to using the phone as normal. In the background, data usage from all apps is compressed, allowing users to double or even triple their existing data plan. Onavo even allows users to see which apps are costing them money, by showing a breakdown of each app and its data usage.

Whether at home with a capped plan or abroad paying data roaming charges, Onavo’s app lets users get more out of their data plans.

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