Introducing a new version of Onavo Count for Android

We’ve long recognized that not everyone has access to unlimited data plans, and it’s important for people to have the ability to effectively track and manage how they use mobile data. At Onavo, we build apps designed to help you better understand and manage the data you use on a daily basis.

We previously released Onavo Count, an app that monitors and analyzes how you use all types of mobile data and helps you compare your use to the average Onavo user. Today we’re excited to announce an updated version for Android.

The new version includes two major changes:

Redesigned widgets. We’ve redesigned the overview widget to make it resizable and change colors based on how much data you have left in your billing period.


Time spent in apps. Sometimes you want to know more than just how much data you’re using. In the new Onavo Count, you’ll see the time you’ve spent in each app and how your use compares to the time other people spent in the same app.


The new Onavo Count is already available for all Android users in the Google Play store. Thanks for using Onavo Count!